The birth of Arrero Premium Car Perfume began when a simple trip to the local garage turned into a rewarding entrepreneurial endeavour.

At the age of thirty-five, Lizelle Beukes, the original founder of Arrero Premium Car Perfume cc filled her car at a small petrol station and saw a car perfume for sale on the counter. She purchased the product without too much thought and hoped it would freshen up her car.

However, when she installed it, she realised that it would be so much more appealing if it were redesigned in terms of aesthetics and aroma.

Lizelle then researched the market and saw a gap for stylish car perfumes which made drivers feel exclusive.

With millions of drivers spending hours on South African roads, it became apparent that a luxurious car fragrance will refresh the car and lift the driver’s mood.

A luxurious smelling interior may also put a brake on depreciation as it could make a difference to its resale value.  Having said that, one often ignores the little detail which separates the common from the exclusive..

The car fragrances are inspired by designer fragrances which sell in upmarket retail stores.

Arrero also offers custom branding solutions for all corporate clients including automotive manufacture brands as a unique corporate gift.


Arrero is based on the philosophy of creating job opportunities that not only provide sustainable jobs, but also empower people through skills transfer and capacity building.



ChemCity, Sasol’s enterprise development initiative, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasol Chemical Industries aimed at stimulating downstream chemical industry development in South Africa.

With the assistance of internal Sasol resources at its disposal and by partnering with other business incubators, ChemCity focuses on incubating sound business propositions into viable enterprises throughout South Africa.

ChemCity aligns Sasol with two of the South African government’s national priorities, enterprise development and job creation. The development of new enterprises will support the growth of the entire chemical industry, by increasing import replacements, exports and foreign investment.

Sasol ChemCity is responsible for product formulations, testing and business support at Arrero Premium Car Perfume.

  • SEDA

Seda assisted with a Marketing Plan, Marketing material, new manufacture financial system called OMNI.


Gibs assisted with mentorship and training under the Massmart Supplier Development Fund.

The support received has been incredible foundation for Arrero Premium Car Perfume.